Welded Mesh

Concept of welded mesh:

The welded mesh is product from a process technology with the main application area of civil construction.

From a prefabricated steel frame, welded mesh is formed by longitudinal and transverse wires welded to each other at points of intersection, by electric current high precision, forming square or rectangular mesh. The duration of application of electric current is extremely short and is controlled electronically without addition of metal, thus forming a homogeneous material, remaining with the same characteristics of original threads.

Welded meshes can be produced in rolls or panels according to the standards set by the (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards).

Some applications of welded mesh:

• pre-fabricated slabs

• Counter-storey

• Sidewalks

• Residential Flooring

• panels for walls

• Flats for offices

• Parking

• Funerary monuments

• Garages

• Pools of up to 1.20m

• Floors stations

• Deposits

The Next welded has these technical advantages:

• The unique quality and uniformity of the materials used

• Adherence to concrete through welded joints providing proper placement into molds and a perfect anchorage.

• Ease of inspection by engineers.

The economic advantages of welded mesh:

• Effectiveness

• No loss or losses by cuts

• There is no tie wire.

• Overlay lower relative to conventional armor

• Simplifying the receipt and storage of the material.

• Material quantified and applied per square meter.

Technical standards:

NBR-7481 – Welded steel to the required specifications

NBR-7480 – Bars and steel wire for reinforcement of reinforced concrete specifications.

NBR-5916 – Welded steel mesh for concrete reinforcement shear strength test.

NBR-8890 – reinforced concrete pipe circular rainwater.

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